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Watchmakers Supplies and Tools

Details Available   Custom Specifications Available
Battery Clamp Screw Assortment, 100 Pieces
Battery Clamp Assortment, 50 Pieces
4" Brass Millimeter Measuring Calipers
Dial Brushes
#HR-1 Hand Remover Tool
#SB-1 Spring Bar Remover Tool (with Removable Tips)
#SB-1 Replacement Ends for Spring Bar Remover Tool
#SB-2 Solid Stainless Steel Spring Bar Removers
#SB-3 Utility Steel Spring Bar Remover
#SB-4 Plastic Body Spring Bar Remover Tool with Removeable Tips
#SB-4 Replacement Tips for Plastic Body Spring Bar Remover Tool
#SB-5 Pressure Pin Remover
#SB-6 Bergeon Style Spring Bar Remover - Brass, Nickel Plated
#SB-6 Replacement Tips
Rubber Suction Case Back Opener
Wooden Handle Watch Case Opener
Pocket Knife Watch Case Opener - Swiss Made
Seiko Type Snap Back Case Opener
Jaxa Style Watch Case Opener in Wooden Box
Watch Case Opener, Pocket (Mini) Style
#ZWCO7 Watch Case Opener
Watch Case Holder, 4 Posts
#ZCV1 Watch Movement Holder
#CP-1 Watch Crystal/Case Closing Press - 14 Dies
#CP-2 Master Jig Case Closing Press, Nylon Dies
#CP-3 Watch Crystal / Case Closing Press, Nylon Dies
Rubber Dust Blowers
Watch Crystal Lifter
Oilers, Black, Red & Green
Plastic Movement Holders for 6 X 8 Movements - 5 Sizes
Triangular Material Trays (Plastic)
Sliding-One Set of Jaws
Screw Type, One Set of Jaws
Screw Type, Two Sets of Jaws
Balance Screw Removers
Plastic or Aluminum, 2 1/2 or 3 Power
Eye Glass Attachment Loupe
Set of 5, Solid Blades
Set of 5, Phillips Head Blades (#ZSDP5)
Set of 7, Reversible Blades
Set of 8, Solid Blades
Set of 9, 1 Extra Blade for Each Size
Bulk, 10 Sizes
Screwdriver Blades (Bulk)
Watch or Clock Oil (Windles)



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